— Published 5 August 2021

The number of the day: 1

Hugues Fabrice Zango

A historic day for Burkina Faso. The African country won the first medal in its history at the Olympic Games, all sports included, thanks to Hugues Fabrice Zango, who reached the third place in the triple jump finals (17.47 m), behind Portugal’s Pedro Pichardo and China’s Zhu Yaming. The performance of the athlete trained by Frenchman Teddy Tamgho was achieved on the day of the country’s Independence. “A historic day, for Burkina Faso and for myself,” he commented. Hugues Fabrice Zango, world record holder in the triple jump indoor event, announced that his aim will be higher at the Paris 2024 Games. “We just got bronze, now we’ll need silver and gold.”