— Published 9 March 2021

The NBA in support of African women

The timing is not surprising. The NBA and the African Basketball League (BAL) took the opportunity of International Women’s Rights Day, Monday, March 8th, to announce the launch of initiatives to advance gender equality and economic inclusion in Africa. The efforts of both sides will focus on raising awareness of gender-based violence, supporting girls’ education and increasing the participation of women at all levels of the basketball industry. The NBA and BAL say they want to work and partner with more African-owned companies as part of their business activities on the continent. In detail, the actions planned by the two leagues over the next three years revolve around the fight against gender-based violence through various formations; supporting the education of young girls through the development of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and sports programs for girls aged 14 and under; ensuring that more opportunities will open up for women in operational roles related to the BAL, including referees, scoreboard officials, match officers and announcers; and finally the development of partnerships and business relationships with African small and medium-sized enterprises.