— Published 7 April 2023

The military called in as reinforcements

Predictable. To make up for an announced shortage of security guards, the French state should call on the army to help with the security of the Paris 2024 Games. The chief of staff, General Thierry Burkhard (pictured above), hinted at this on Thursday, April 6, during a hearing before the Defense Committee of the National Assembly. “The Olympics will be an international event, a real event for our country, he explained. It is quite logical that the armies contribute, they are integrated in the rise of the device. Knowing that it is an exceptional event, there can be an exceptional contribution. My real issue is to anticipate, while a certain number of things are likely to happen a bit at the last moment.” Still according to the French general, the mobilization of the army for the Paris 2024 Games could involve about 10,000 people from the workforce of the French army. But according to Etienne Thobois, the director general of the OCOG, such a military mobilization remains at this stage an option among others to cope with the difficulty of finding 22,000 security agents, private and public, necessary for the security of the event. “All the scenarios are on the table“, he explained.