— Published 15 April 2021

The medical world expresses its concerns

Disturbing. 100 days before the start of the Tokyo Games, the Japanese medical community is not hiding its fears that the Olympic event will turn into a health disaster. The president of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, told Sports Hochi daily: “If the cases of infection continue to increase, it will be difficult to organise the Olympic Games in their current form with athletes coming from all countries, even if there is no audience”. The Japanese scientist then hammered home the point on his Facebook page, repeating his fears: “From my point of view as a medical officer, I would say that hosting the Games is really difficult. I would really like the organisers to come up with concrete measures”. Haruo Ozaki is not the first Japanese expert to express concern about the risks the Games will pose to the health situation in Japan. On Wednesday April, 14th, Australian John Coates, IOC Vice-President and Chairman of the Tokyo Games Coordination Commission, once again reiterated his confidence and optimism. “Tokyo is the best prepared city in the history of the Games”, he insisted.