— Published 6 May 2021

The media village (still) at a standstill

paris 2024

It seems to be endless. According to L’Equipe, the judge of the summary proceedings of the administrative court of appeal of Paris confirmed in a new ordinance on Monday, May 3rd, the suspension of the construction works for the future Paris 2024 Olympic media village. A bad news for SOLIDEO (which is responsible for the delivery of the Olympic works) and by extension for the organization committee. But the works will at least be able to pick up on a portion of the building site area. The judge of the summary judgments lifted the suspension “over the concerted development zone”, but maintains it elsewhere. Stopped last month, the activity on the building site remains suspended on certain parts, including the Aire des vents, but it could resume on others, especially on the Terrain des essences. But it’s not easy. According to the opponents of the media village project, which is supposed to host 4 000 journalists during the Games before becoming a housing area, the final judgment will be given beginning May 14th. The concerned grounds, located on Dugny, La Courneuve and Le Bourget municipalities, in Seine-Saint-Denis, will shelter not only the media village, but also competition sites for shooting and climbing events.