— Published 4 July 2022

The media village is already selling out

A new box was ticked Friday, July 1 on the roadmap of the Paris 2024 Games, with the inauguration of the media village in the town of Dugny, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Presented as one of the biggest building sites of the event, with 1 300 residences, it was delayed for a long time by the appeals deposited by associations of local residents. But the courts finally gave the green light and work has already begun on the Aire des Vents, 12 km north of Paris. After housing 1,500 journalists and technicians during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the village will become a new neighborhood with a 16-classroom school, public spaces, a gymnasium, a nursery and shops. According to SOLIDEO, which is in charge of its construction, it will eventually allow for the development of more than 1,400 homes. Dugny currently has 11,000 inhabitants. It will welcome 4,000 more after 2024. The municipality has invested three million euros in the operation, but its mayor, Quentin Gesell, assures that the operation is profitable and the opportunity historic. According to the developers, the housing is already selling.