— Published 27 May 2021

The Japanese will be vaccinated

Tokyo vaccin

Less than two months before the opening of the Games, the Japanese Olympic Committee gets ready to go into battle. It announced that the vaccination campaign of its athletes and other members of the Olympic delegation will begin on June 1st. According to its estimates, approximately 1 600 accredited will be vaccinated before the beginning of the Tokyo Games. The majority of the troops will receive their two doses of vaccine at the Ajinomoto National Training Center, located in the Kita district of Tokyo. The contingent of the vaccinated will gather the already qualified athletes, the potential selected, the coaches and technicians, but also all the persons likely to be in contact with the athletes before or during the Games. Clarification issued by the Japanese Olympic Committee: the vaccination will be done on a voluntary basis, it will not be compulsory. The Japanese Paralympic Committee will organize its own vaccination program for its delegation. According to the last IOC forecasts, at least 80 % of the athletes, coaches and other members of the management who will stay in the Olympic village should be vaccinated before the Games.