— Published 20 September 2021

The Japanese remain very divided


The historic performance of the athletes and the low number of COVID-19 cases among accredited persons have not completely reversed the Japanese public’s opinion of the Tokyo Games. According to a poll conducted by the Nomura Research Institute, the public remains very divided about the relevance of having maintained the event in the sanitary context. And the public is just as divided about the prospect of hosting the Olympic Games again. Just under four in ten (38.8%) said that keeping the Games was a “very good” or “good” decision, while 30.5% suggested that they should have been cancelled. In contrast, 45% of residents in and around Tokyo said that “the right decision” was made to hold the Games without spectators. The event’s partners can rest assured that their presence alongside the organisers has not changed the public’s perception of their brands. The survey does not reflect any major change between the pre- and post-Games period. Several major sponsors, including Toyota, had feared the worst about being associated with the event, to the point of cancelling their advertising campaigns and not attending the opening ceremony. As for what comes next, and the prospect of Sapporo bidding for the Winter Games in 2030, the Japanese are hesitant. When asked whether Japan should host the Olympic Games again in the future, 36.3% of respondents said yes, but an equal number (36%) said no (27.7% of respondents did not express an opinion).