— Published 21 July 2021

The IOC wants the public

Pékin 2022

This is not a joke. The IOC suggested it with insistence, on Wednesday, July 21st, during the second day of its 138th session: the Beijing 2022 Winter Games will not be able to experience competitions played behind closed doors. Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr, president of the coordination commission for the Beijing 2022 Games, explained it without using doublespeak in front of his colleagues from the Olympic authority: “We would really like the presence of the international community. We need very successful Games next year in Beijing. We really need this success for the good of all… We need and we want to have spectators. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and the Chinese’s great offerings.” The Beijing Winter Games are set to begin in less than 200 days (Feb. 4th-20th, 2022), but Chinese organizers have yet to launch their ticketing program.