— Published 17 March 2023

The IOC on the same line as the USOPC

The option of a double vote 2030-2034 for the Winter Games is back on the table. It would even be more than ever topical, judging by the recent statements of Gene Sykes, the new president of the American Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC). Speaking to the media at the end of a meeting of the board of directors of the body, he suggested that the IOC and the USOPC shared the same vision of things regarding the next two editions to be awarded. Namely the obvious choice of Salt Lake City for 2034, and a host city to be found for the previous edition. “The IOC is looking for a city that would offer a good alternative to Salt Lake City for 2030, explained Gene Sykes. They understand our preference, they have the same preference as us for 2034 if that is possible“. The message is clear: the IOC would be ready to ensure the victory of Salt Lake for the Winter Games in 2034, provided that a credible option for 2030 is found by next year. With, in such a scenario, a probable double vote comparable to the Paris 2024 – LA 2028 ticket chosen by the Lima session in 2017. “I think it’s fair to say that there won’t be another bid more attractive to the IOC than Salt Lake City, continued Gene Sykes. The city is ready. It has strong support at all levels, which is key. I can’t imagine another opportunity that is as attractive.” With the successive withdrawals of Barcelona/Pyrenees and Vancouver, then the indefinite pause of Sapporo, the IOC is now very limited in its choice for the Games in 2030. It remains him Sweden, guest of the last hour in the campaign… And nothing else.