— Published 3 October 2023

The IBA strikes back

The International Boxing Federation (IBA) did not remain silent after thirty African national federations took a stand against its independent Boxing Integrity Unit. The body chaired by the Russian Umar Kremlev reacted in a press release on Monday 2 October, in which there was not the slightest attempt at compromise. The IBA insists on its support for the BIIU, for its “integrity“, “professionalism” and “impartiality“. It explained that the “regrettable vote of no confidence” by the thirty African countries “has no legal value and will be ignored“. Finally, it announced its decision to lodge a formal complaint with the BIIU tribunal “against those who have made a public statement damaging the reputation” of its appointments committee. Above all, the IBA published the list of candidates for the presidency of the Confederation of African Boxing, for the elections on 13 October in Durban. The list includes five names: Ethiopian Berhanu Eyassu Wossen, Moroccan El Kabbouri Mohamed, Cameroonian Mendouga Bertrand Magloire Roland, Nigerian Omo-Agege Siena Azania and Ugandan Moses Muhangi (pictured above). The IBA explains that the latter, whose eligibility is being contested by the collective of thirty national federations, has “managed to address several concerns by providing his position and supporting documents.” He is therefore authorised to take part in the elections. On the other hand, the body confirms the decision of the BIIU Nominations Committee to reject another candidate, Ferdinand Ilunga Luyoyo of Congo. “He did not provide sufficient explanations and documents to establish his eligibility“, explains the body.