— Published 29 November 2022

The IBA does business with the WBA

Suspended by the IOC and removed from the Olympic movement, the International Boxing Federation (IBA) is turning to the professional world. It announced that it had concluded a cooperation agreement with the WBA, one of the professional boxing organisations. It was signed in Mexico City by the two presidents, Umar Kremlev for the IBA and Gilberto Jesús Mendoza for the WBA (photo above). The agreement provides for cooperation in the development of amateur athletes and their integration into professional boxing through specific programmes. In particular, it is planned to create unique rules for amateur and professional boxing, but also to set up a common academy and to integrate WBA/IBA boxers in the respective tournaments of both organisations. Finally, the two parties announced their plan to set up a World Boxing Tour, where the WBA will support the IBA. The message is clear and the strategy limpid: threatened to disappear from the Olympic Games programme from Los Angeles 2028, amateur boxing wants to build a future in the professional world.