— Published 22 May 2023

The government has launched its popular ticketing scheme

Here we go. With less than 450 days to go until the Paris 2024 Games (D – 431 days this Monday 22 May), the State has officially launched its popular ticketing scheme. The operation has been named “Tous aux Jeux“. It aims to distribute more than 400,000 tickets – precisely 401,220 – for the Olympic (100,700 seats) and Paralympic (298,600) events, purchased by the public authorities from the Paris 2024 OCOG, to four categories of people. At the top of the list is youth. No fewer than 258,800 tickets will be distributed to pupils in all schools in mainland France and overseas, from CM1 to Terminale. Tickets will also be offered to disadvantaged young people, protected by the Child Welfare Service or benefiting from a holiday support programme, as well as to young people “who have distinguished themselves in an exemplary manner through their civic or community involvement“, and finally to students on scholarship. The second target audience is volunteers in the sports movement. The State reserves 100,100 tickets for them, of which approximately 70,000 tickets are distributed directly via the federations. A lesser effort has been made in favour of people with disabilities and their carers (17,400 tickets). Finally, 24,930 tickets will be reserved for public servants in categories B and C who are directly involved in the preparation or delivery of the Games. The allocation of tickets will begin in the spring of 2024, after a selection phase for beneficiaries within each administration.