— Published 10 June 2021

The government has chosen its head of Security

Ziad Khoury

With three years and a few weeks to go before the event, the arrangements put in place by the French political authorities for the Paris 2024 Games are being reinforced. At the beginning of June, the government appointed a prefect, Ziad Khoury, as director of the National Coordination for the Security of the 2024 Olympic Games (CNSJ), a body dependent on the Home Office. Appointed prefect of Aisne in November 2019, a position he will leave at the end of June, Ziad Khoury has already worked on a major sporting event, the 2016 Euro football championship in France. He will succeed another prefect, Pierre Lieutaud, at the head of the CNSJ. Originally from Lebanon, Ziad Khoury is 52 years old.