— Published 22 March 2023

The good figures of EuroBasket 2022

Jackpot for the five host cities of the last edition of the men’s EuroBasket, held last year in Berlin, Cologne, Milan, Prague and Tbilisi. A study conducted by Nielsen Sports at the request of FIBA Europe reveals that the continental tournament, won by Spain, brought in 270 million euros to the five cities that hosted the competition (September 1 to 18). Most of this amount – 227 million euros – concerns the direct economic impact, i.e. the expenses of the teams, fans and organizers. The media impact generated by television, streaming and social media is estimated at 39 million euros. Finally, Nielsen Sports estimates the “social” impact of the event for the host cities at 4 million euros, including physical activity and training provided to the tournament volunteers. The big winner of the EuroBasket: Berlin. The German city alone took a third of the impact, 83 million euros, by hosting the final phase of the competition. Cologne followed at a distance, with an estimated impact of 63 million euros, ahead of Prague (54 million euros), Milan (45) and Tbilisi (25). In total, the tournament was watched by over 650,000 spectators. Of the 240,000 unique visitors, more than half were national residents.