— Published 22 February 2021

The Games under the ROC banner

It is done. Five months before the opening of the Tokyo Games (July 23 to August 8), the IOC and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) have detailed the rules for the participation of Russian athletes in the next two Olympic events, Tokyo 2020 for the summer and Beijing 2022 for winter. As announced, the Russian flag and anthem will be absent, but otherwise the Russians will not be too disoriented. They will be able to compete under the name of the ROC, the English acronym for the Russian Olympic Committee. But, clarification, the full name of this committee cannot be used. The Russian team’s flag will feature the ROC logo, an Olympic flame with the white, blue and red stripes of the national flag above the five rings. As for the outfits of the athletes, they will be marked with the designation of neutral athletes. Finally, it will be up to the Russian sports authorities to propose to the IOC, via the National Olympic Committee, one or more musical recordings intended to be played during the medal ceremonies to replace the national anthem. The final choice will rest with the IOC Executive Board.