— Published 1 March 2021

The Games as a diplomatic tool

Surprise. South Korean President Moon Jae-in (pictured above, with Thomas Bach) used a commemorative speech on Monday, March 1st, in Seoul to discuss the issue of the Tokyo Games and their diplomatic impact. According to the Head of State, the Summer Games in the Japanese capital “can be an opportunity for dialogue between South Korea and Japan, South Korea and North Korea, North Korea and Japan, and North Korea and the United States”. Not less. Clearly, Moon Jae-in has no doubts that the Olympic and Paralympic event will take place on schedule. He even seems to imagine that the health crisis will not prevent heads of state and government from all over the world from coming to Japan. The South Korean President used the same speech, delivered on the anniversary of the March 1st, 1919 independence march, to ensure that Japan and South Korea would work hand in hand for the success of the Tokyo Games.