— Published 23 May 2023

The G7 rolls for the IOC

A support for the IOC in its arm wrestle with some Western countries on the Russian and Belarusian issue. A support of weight. The Olympic body announces the signature by the G7 member countries (France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada and the European Union) of a declaration in favor of the autonomy of sports organizations from political authorities. It was issued at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan. The declaration states that the G7 “fully respects the autonomy of sports organizations” and insists on the need that “Russian and Belarusian athletes do not appear in any way as representatives of their states.” A resolution that, recalls the IOC, corresponds perfectly to its position on the subject. “This commitment to the autonomy of sports organizations comes at a crucial time when it is threatened by some governments, insists Thomas Bach in a statement from the Olympic body. That is why we are very grateful to the G7 leaders for this unequivocal statement.” The IOC president continued: “Some countries, especially in Europe, erect obstacles to prevent athletes from their own countries from participating in international competitions, and take measures against the organizers of international competitions on their territory. The IOC hopes that the countries concerned will take this G7 statement seriously so that international sport can once again live up to its mission of uniting the world in peaceful competition.”