— Published 13 September 2021

The Futurous Games are coming

Futurous Games

A new event in the international calendar. The TASS agency has announced the organisation of the first edition of the “Futurous Games” in Russia in 2023. Presented as the “Games of the Future”, they will bring together in one place, for nine days, more than 15 high-tech disciplines more or less linked directly to sport: robotics, e-sport, drone racing, mobility, exoskeletons, augmented and virtual reality, etc. Those Games are intended to be a meeting place between sport, science, technology and education. The announcement of their first edition in Russia was made by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitri Chernyshenko, the former president of the organising committee of the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. “The international community is ready for an innovative idea that can bring us all together. These Games of the Future will help to increase the number of people involved in sport,” he said on the second day of the “Russia is a country of sports” forum. The next step for the “Futurous Games” will be the launch of a technological platform designed to link real and virtual sports, notably thanks to the creation of a dedicated social network and the launch of an online video service.