— Published 13 October 2021

The French love the new rooster

The Paris 2024 OCOG seems to like polls. Even the most unexpected ones. After unveiling the new emblem of the French Olympic and Paralympic team on October 4th, it took the pulse of the French on their perception of this Gallic rooster seen from the front. The result: 79% of those questioned said they were attracted by the new emblem. The percentage of satisfaction even climbs to 88% among the under-35s. The organising committee explains in a press release: the French appreciate the sober character of this new emblem (83%), its easily recognisable aspect (83%), and its modernity (75%). They are 76% to consider that it represents France well (76%), and the values of sport (70%). Finally, more than 7 out of 10 French people consider that energy and victory are the two values best represented by the Gallic rooster, followed by the spirit of conquest (70%). This new emblem will be used for the first time at the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Games.