— Published 7 October 2022

The first NFT trophies

The International Archery Federation (World Archery) is breaking new ground. It has announced that it has partnered with a company specialising in sports data and blockchain technology, Leverade, to develop exclusive NFTs. The project will run for five years. It will start with a first round of NFTs for the annual World Archery 2022 trophies, to be awarded in December. The awards in the ten categories, including the Athlete of the Year, will become virtual. They will take the form of original and unique digital works of art, which will be presented to the winners during a special live edition of the Archery Show, following online voting by the public throughout November. Athletes will then be able to sell shares of NFT through a bespoke marketplace. According to World Archery, the aim of the new partnership is “to explore possible applications in the sport, including trophies and records.”