— Published 29 June 2022

The first disappointments are being heard

Flamme olympique Tokyo

The Tokyo 2020 Games’ legacy has suffered its first setback. According to the results of a survey by the Japanese Reconstruction Agency, revealed by Kyodo News, the last Olympic and Paralympic Games did not have the expected impact in the regions devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. A consultation was conducted with the populations concerned last November, two months after the end of the Paralympic Games. The results showed that only 29.8% of the 4,000 respondents said that the Games had contributed to the reconstruction. In the opposite camp, 38.8% felt that the event had no real impact. When asked what was the best thing about the Tokyo Olympics, 20.7% said “the events in the disaster area“, while 11.1% said “the torch relay“. But almost 4 out of 10 respondents (39.6%) said they had not contributed anything in particular. The government agency’s report also highlights two positive aspects of the Tokyo Games for the affected regions: hydrogen produced in Fukushima was used for the torch relay, and the athletes’ village served food from the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami.