— Published 22 December 2022

The cost of the Games increases again

How high will it go? Nearly a year and a half after the event, the cost of organizing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games continues to rise. According to a very detailed report published on Wednesday, December 21 by the Japanese National Audit Commission, it would amount to 12.9 billion dollars (1,700 billion yen). This is an increase of about 20% compared to the figure revealed last June by the organizing committee. The difference is not small, especially for an edition of the Games whose budget had already been revised many times upwards. It would be explained by the taking into account, by the commission of audit, of certain expenses bound to the Games but not included in the final report of the committee of organization. These include equipment and training facilities for athletes, anti-doping measures and subsidies to local governments for the renovation of certain sports venues. The audit committee also added to the cost of the Tokyo 2020 Games spending on 329 event-related projects, including immigration controls and more accurate weather forecasting.