— Published 12 October 2021

The Communist Group denounces a lack of legacy

Paris 2024

A very Olympic day, this Tuesday, October 12th, at the Paris Council. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of the capital, will set the tone by presenting the flags brought back from the Tokyo 2020 Games. She will also give a progress report in the presence of Tony Estanguet, the president of the OCOG. But according to Le Parisien, the Communist group plans to address the question of the Games’ legacy in terms of sports facilities in Paris. “Anne Hidalgo had promised to create an additional facility, two sports courses and four renovated sports centres per district by 2024 and to make the Seine swimmable, but we are far from achieving this” says Nicolas Bonnet, the president of the communist group in the Paris Council. The elected member of the municipal majority particularly notes that only 300 million euros have been earmarked for sport in the investment priorities for public facilities, compared to 500 million under the previous mandate. Nicolas Bonnet also explained that most of the sports facilities planned for the Games in Paris will be temporary, with the exception of the La Chapelle Arena and the future Belliard swimming pool in the 18th arrondissement. “I regret that we are not taking advantage of this event to create new facilities to welcome all Parisians who wish to practice sport,” insists Nicolas Bonnet. “Today, clubs are sorely lacking in slots. Many facilities are closed because they are obsolete”. According to the calculations of the communist group, the total amount of work required to bring the facilities up to standard would be close to 70 million euros. Reaction of the First Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire: “We will study these proposals. Many of them are under administrative review and have not been validated yet. But I have no doubt that we will meet the challenge of investing in the sports sector”.