— Published 23 February 2022

The Chinese will again make up the numbers

Will China achieve the same breakthrough at the Paralympics as it did at the Olympic Games? Probably. Third in the medals table when the curtain came down on Sunday 20 February (15 medals, including 9 gold), the host country will once again be out in force at the Paralympic Games (4 to 13 March). Its delegation will be the largest in history, with 96 athletes, including 68 men and 28 women. Average age: 25 years. The oldest member of the Chinese team will be alpine skier Zhang Haiyuan, 45. The youngest, a snowboarder named Geng Yanhong, is only 17. No fewer than 85 of the Chinese selected athletes will make their debut at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games. The Chinese athletes will compete in 73 events in the six sports on the programme. In Sochi 2014, the Chinese delegation competed in only two sports and six events.