— Published 1 July 2021

The calendar shatters


The International Badminton Federation (BWF) does not play around with the health of its players. It has just unveiled the latest version of its calendar of major events for the third and last quarters of 2021. No less than 10 tournaments of the BWF World Tour, all initially scheduled in Asia and Oceania, have been removed from the map. At the top of the list, the China Open, the Japan Open and the India Open. Two of the competitions that should have been held in China have already been relocated: the Sudirman Cup finals will be held in Vantaa, Finland (September 26th to October 3rd); the World Tour finals, for their part, have been allocated to Bali, Indonesia (December 1-5th). The latter remains one of the few Asian tournaments still on the international calendar for this year.