— Published 20 May 2021

The BWF is preparing its revolution


A Revolution is coming in the world of badminton. Meeting on Saturday, May 22nd, in a virtual conference, the General Assembly of the International Badminton Federation (BWF) will be invited to debate and vote on a new scoring model. It should lead to matches won to the best of five sets, with sets played in 11 points, against two winning sets of 21 points in the current formula. A two-point difference would be required to win, except in the case of a 14-14 tie, a scenario where the set would be awarded to the first of the two players who reached 15 points. This reform was previously discussed in 2018, but was rejected. This time, the BWF General Assembly is expected to adopt it. The project is submitted by the national federations of Indonesia and the Maldives. It is supported by the Asian Confederation (Badminton Asia), and by the national federations of South Korea and Taipei. If voted favourably, the new system would come into effect in January 2022, eighteen months before the start of the qualification period for Paris 2024 Games. The reform, wished by the BWF, is motivated by a triple objective, according to the international body: add more suspense to matches by increasing their intensity; gain in excitement; slightly reduce the duration of the matches to optimize television broadcasts and protect the health of the players.