— Published 21 January 2021

The ‘behind closed door’ option surfaced

Will the Tokyo Games take place in front of spectators? The question seemed settled. It was positive. But the new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the subject back to the fore. And the option of going behind closed doors is no longer officially ruled out. Toshiro Muto, the managing director of the organising committee, explained in an interview with AFP and Jiji Press that the presence of spectators was “desirable“, but that a closed session was not out of the question. The Japanese leader said the decision would be taken in the spring, but he couldn’t make any predictions today. Canadian Dick Pound, the oldest member of the IOC, also opened the door to an Olympic edition behind closed doors. “Of course, having spectators is the best solution“, he answered a question from Kyodo News. “But this is not a requirement“.