— Published 15 September 2021

The Americans towards parity

History is being made. The United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer) announced on Tuesday, September 14th, via a press release, that it would equally treat men’s and women’s national teams. The contracts will be the same for both male and female players as soon as they are called upon to wear the USA jersey. “US Soccer believes that a single salary structure for both national teams is the right track to follow for everyone involved and for the future of the sport in the United States,” the body said. The women playing for the US team, two-time world champions in football, are therefore close to winning their long battle for parity. As early as 2019, they had taken US Soccer to court, accusing it of gender-based wage discrimination. They claimed $66 million in back pay. A federal judge ruled against them and they decided to appeal. Last week, US Soccer president Cindy Parlow Cone suggested that the body wanted to equalise bonuses for male and female players, at least during the World Cup.