— Published 21 September 2023

The 2023 World Championships in Tokyo

A great coup for Japan. The International Skateboard Federation (World Skate) has announced that the WST Tokyo Street, an event on the World Skate Tour held at Tokyo’s Ariake Colosseum from 10 to 17 December, has been designated as the world championship for 2023. The first Japanese leg of the WST has thus become one of the must-attend events of the world series. In addition to its world championship status, the competition will play a major role in awarding qualification points for the Paris 2024 Games, where skateboarding will be one of the five additional sports. Tokyo’s Ariake Colosseum has never before hosted a skateboarding competition. The 10,000-seat arena, which has a retractable roof, was used as an Olympic venue for tennis at the Tokyo 2020 Games.