— Published 29 April 2022

Technology in mouthguards

The IBA is innovating. Boxing’s international governing body has announced that it has “successfully” tested a new technology designed to provide better protection for athletes and more accurate judging of fights. A group of boxers from several different countries served as a panel at the recent European Youth Championships to test a new model of impact-sensing mouthguard. The data was captured and analysed anonymously and securely. With the help of artificial intelligence, the data will be used for research into brain protection and the process of verifying the judgement of fights. The new mouthguards are equipped with accelerometers, gyroscopes and transmitters. The data collected can be accessed in real time and should be able to alert doctors at ringside to potential trauma risks. It can also be used to evaluate fights by correlating it with the evolution of the score. As the IBA explains in a press release, this new technology is still in the early stages of research, but it is not intended to replace referees in the long term.