— Published 7 June 2022

Team Euro changes format

The European Athletics Team Championships are changing format. The next edition, which will be integrated for the first time into the 2023 European Games in Poland, will be divided into three divisions, instead of four in the previous format. The decision was approved at the end of last week by the Council of the European Athletics Association. The three leagues will be held over six consecutive days, from 20 to 25 June 2023, at the same venue: the Slaski Stadium in the Silesia region. The Polish venue had already hosted the Super League of the European Athletics Team Championships in 2021. The 1st division will have 16 teams, as will the 2nd division. The third level of the pyramid will be made up of the remaining teams entered by the member federations of the continental association. It should be noted that the participation of Belarus (division 1) and Russia (division 3) is not guaranteed, as both countries are sanctioned by the European body in reaction to the invasion of Ukraine.