— Published 21 December 2021

Taxpayers will not have to pay again

The total cost of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will not be revealed until the first quarter of 2022, but figures are starting to appear in the Japanese media. They are rather optimistic. According to an anonymous source inside the organising committee, quoted by the Kyodo News agency, the final bill would be 12.8 billion dollars. This result would be lower than the last estimate, established in December 2020. The savings would have been made possible by better rationalisation of costs and by the absence of spectators. The reduction in expenses due to the closure would have more than compensated for the lack of ticketing revenue. As a result, Japanese taxpayers will not be asked to pay for a new overspending. No new nasty surprises, therefore, but a bill that is more than double the budget presented by Tokyo 2020 in the bidding phase. The final cost of the Games will be split between the organising committee and the Tokyo metropolitan government, each paying a fairly comparable amount, with the rest being covered by the Japanese central government.