— Published 28 August 2023

Switzerland and Ireland remain in the IBA camp

The International Boxing Federation (IBA) can rub its hands: not all its member federations wish to jump ship and join World Boxing, its new rival for the governance of Olympic boxing. The body chaired by Russian Umar Kremlev is proud to announce that it has retained two of them. The national federations of Switzerland (SwissBoxing) and Ireland (IABA) have chosen to remain within the IBA fold. In the case of Ireland, the IBA’s name came very close to being dropped. At the IBA General Assembly, clubs were asked to vote on a resolution to amend the statutes and join World Boxing. But the motion failed to obtain the required majority (75%). It was rejected. In Switzerland, the General Meeting did not follow the Board’s decision to leave the IBA and join World Boxing. By a large majority, the members of the General Assembly preferred to remain in the IBA camp.