— Published 16 May 2023

Swedes vote for the Paralympic Games

A good point for Sweden. According to a recent survey, conducted by Kantar Public for the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committees, more than half of Swedes say they would be willing to attend the 2030 Paralympic Winter Games in person at the competition venues if they were held in their country. The same opinion poll shows that one in four Swedes watch the Paralympic Games on television, compared to three in four for the Olympic Games. “The fact that so many people also want to see the Paralympic Games at the venues is strong evidence that interest in Paralympic sports has grown like an avalanche in Sweden in recent years,” said Åsa Llinares Norlin, President of the National Paralympic Committee. The survey was conducted between April 4 and 12 among a sample of 3,300 people. Last month, another opinion poll showed 70 percent support among the Swedish population for a Winter Games bid in 2030. At this stage, Sweden is not officially a candidate, but its national Olympic committee (SOK) began a dialogue with the IOC at the beginning of the year to study the feasibility of a bid. Switzerland has also started the same process, hoping to benefit, like Sweden, from the provisional withdrawal of the Japanese from Sapporo.