— Published 12 May 2023

Suspended sentence for two new convicts

The convictions in Japan’s Tokyo 2020 corruption scandal are similar. On Thursday 11 May, the Tokyo District Court handed down suspended prison sentences to two former top executives of the advertising agency ADK Holdings. Hisamatsu Shigeharu and Tada Toshiakipour were found guilty of paying bribes worth about $100,000 to former Dentsu Group boss and Tokyo 2020 board member Takahashi Haruyuki. The two men had solicited him to use his influence to obtain partnership contracts for certain clients of the ADK agency. The court sentenced Hisamatsu Shigeharu to 18 months in prison, and Tada Toshiakipour to 12 months, both suspended for three years. Former ADK president Ueno Shinichi is facing a separate trial after he too admitted to paying bribes. At the end of April, the first trial in the Tokyo Games bribery scandal reached a similar verdict. Hironori Aoki, 84, the former president of the men’s clothing chain that bears his name, was also found guilty of bribing Takahashi Haruyuki and was given a 30-month suspended sentence.