— Published 18 November 2020

State aid of 400 million euros

Emmanuel Macron looks at the unenviable fate of French sport, strongly affected by the health crisis and the two confinements of last spring and this fall. On Tuesday, November 17, the President of the Republic brought together more than twenty leaders from the sports movement, for more than two hours, face-to-face and by videoconference. The opportunity to announce a package of support measures for practice, for cubs, for national authorities, but also for the economic sector. In total, state aid will reach around 400 million euros. In the case of professional sport, the state is committed to compensating 107 million euros for the loss of ticket sales, with a ceiling of 5 million euros per club. Certain federations could also be eligible for this assistance from the public authorities. For amateur sport, Emmanuel Macron unveiled on Tuesday the launch of a sport pass to help young people and people with disabilities to join a club, for the new year. It will be funded up to 100 million euros. In addition, an emergency fund of 15 million euros, already planned for this year, will be renewed in 2021. It will be accompanied by aid of 20 million euros paid to federations to compensate for the loss of licensees. On the other hand, Emmanuel Macron confirmed that the public would not be allowed in stadiums and sports grounds before, at the earliest, the beginning of the year 2021.