— Published 21 December 2022

Stanislav Pozdnyakov reveals his schedule

No bad surprise for Stanislav Pozdnyakov (photo above). The former fencer was re-elected on Tuesday 20 December for a new mandate as president of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). He was the only one in the running. His victory in pocket, the Russian leader spoke about the Paris 2024 Games. And, as expected, suggested that the Russian delegation would be well present at the Olympic appointment. More surprising: Stanislav Pozdnyakov let himself go to evoke a date where would be announced the end of the sanctions against the athletes of his country. It would be imminent. “Now we have Christmas, New Year and vacations ahead of us,” said Stanislav Pozdnyakov in front of the ROC members gathered in Moscow. “I think that the discussion of this issue and the making of a decision or a change is possible in the second half of January”. A month of waiting, therefore, according to the Russian scenario. To be confirmed. Another prediction mentioned Tuesday, December 20 by the president of the ROC: the size of the Russian delegation to the Paris 2024 Games. Stanislav Pozdnyakov imagines it rather badly to the height of the participation of the neutral team to the Games of Tokyo 2020, strong of 450 persons. “It will be more reduced in its composition”, he suggested in Moscow, but without risking to advance a figure or an order of magnitude.