— Published 26 October 2023

SOLIDEO is ahead of schedule

The Board of Directors of SOLIDEO, the public body responsible for building the permanent Olympic structures, met on Wednesday 25 October to present its latest figures. And they are good. And very good indeed on the social front. At the last count, SOLIDEO had already achieved its target of setting aside 10% of hours worked for social integration, with 274 days still to go before the opening of the Olympic Games. In 2018, SOLIDEO developed an “Employment and Territorial Development” charter, which specified that 10% of working hours, i.e. 2,475,000 hours, should be reserved for people who are far from employment, including employees over 50, jobseekers for more than a year, RSA recipients, residents of priority neighbourhoods and young people under 26 looking for work without qualifications. By 13 October 2023, no fewer than 3,507 people had benefited from this scheme.