— Published 24 January 2023

SOLIDEO has exceeded its target

SOLIDEO achieves its goal, one step ahead of schedule. The company responsible for delivering the Olympic works for the Paris 2024 Games, which is in charge of building the athletes’ village and the Olympic aquatic centre in Seine-Saint-Denis, has announced that it has exceeded its objective of making at least 25% of the value of its contracts available to VSEs, SMEs and SSE structures (Social and Solidarity Economy). This ambition was written in full in the charter in favour of employment and territorial development approved in 2018. By 12 January 2023, SOLIDEO and all its partners had already signed contracts worth more than €536 million – the initial target was €534 million – with 1,429 VSEs/SMEs and 77 SSE structures from 85 départements. This represented 35% of the contract amounts to date, compared to a target of 25%. At the same time, SOLIDEO is continuing its action in favour of people who are far from employment. At the last count, it provided exactly 1,504,121 hours of work experience on the Olympic worksites for 2,222 eligible people. Among the beneficiaries, more than a thousand are from the Seine-Saint-Denis department.