— Published 29 April 2021

SOLIDEO calls on Internet users

It’s time for the Olympic Works Delivery Company (SOLIDEO) to participate. They announced in a press release that she had launched a virtual game, strangely dubbed “serious-game”, to invite Internet users to submit their ideas for the development of the future athletes’ village. The game in question has been launched since last February, in parallel with the organisation of remote workshops and a café-project in the Vieux Saint-Ouen market. It has already registered 1 800 unique visitors. SOLIDEO “encourages all those interested in the project to continue to enrich it until May 30 by proposing scenarios”. The contributions will then be centralised in a citizen participation report, which will be presented at an information meeting at the end of June, before integration into urban project management studies. The “serious-game” will be accessible until 2024, and installed from June in the future project house. The experience is intended to be fun. Internet users have a budget and a carbon impact that must not be exceeded. They can decide, for example, to install a food-truck, shared gardens, games for children, but also choose the design of the benches. Development projects must be submitted before May 30th, 2021.