— Published 17 September 2021

SOLIDEO about to consult


Appeals against its construction sites continue to slow down its progress, but SOLIDEO cannot be blamed for remaining in its ivory tower. The public establishment in charge of delivering the Olympic works has announced the launch of a vast public consultation on the project to develop the hill of Elancourt, in the Yvelines. The hill will host the mountain bike events at the Paris 2024 Games. On this occasion, SOLIDEO is to transform it into a sports and landscape park. The consultation is due to start on Monday, September 20th. It will last for a month. Local residents, neighbours and users of the site will be invited to obtain information and express their views in order to develop a shared project. Two main issues will arise: what kind of facilities for walks, games and leisure activities should be provided, and how best to integrate the Elancourt hill into its neighbourhood. A visit to the hill will first be organised on Saturday, October 2nd, by SOLIDEO, followed by a Q&A session to understand the site and the project. Then, on Tuesday, October 12th, the most motivated people will be invited to a face-to-face workshop to collect proposals on themes related to the development of the site. In addition, a form will be published online on the SOLIDEO’s website on Monday, September 20th, 2021. At the end of the consultation, the public’s written and oral contributions will be analysed and will be gathered into a report that will be made public. It will complete the studies carried out on the project and help refine it. After the Paris 2024 Games, the Élancourt hill will remain a leisure site accessible to all.