— Published 20 July 2021

Ski mountaineering endorsed by the IOC Session

Ski mountaineering

It is done. Without the slightest surprise, the 138th IOC Session approved, on Tuesday, July 20th, the addition of ski-mountaineering to the programme of the 2026 Winter Games in Milan/Cortina. Proposed by the Executive Board, the discipline was validated by the members of the body by a show of hands. In 2026, ski mountaineering will include five events, with a mixed relay, for a total of 48 athletes (24 women and 24 men). Among the arguments put forward by the IOC to add it to the program, the popularity of ski-mountaineering in Italy and its rapid development in North America. With this entry, the program of the 2028 Winter Games in Milan/Cortina will offer eight sports. Ski-mountaineering made its debut in the Olympic family at the 2020 Lausanne Winter Youth Games.