— Published 19 November 2021

Six nominees, one trophy

The time for awards is approaching for World Athletics. The world athletics body has announced the list of six nominees for the 2021 National Federation of the Year award. Like the other awards, it will be presented on 1 December at a virtual ceremony. The Member Federation Award, which was presented for the first time last year, recognises a national body that has been particularly prominent during the year in terms of results, commitment or initiatives. Initially, each of the six continental confederations was invited to nominate three member federations. The World Athletics Council then chose, by vote, the six finalists, one from each confederation. The winner will be Australia (two meetings of the Continental Tour Bronze and one stage of the Continental Tour Silver organised in 2021, three medals and 14 finalists at the Tokyo Games), Kenya (third in the medal table at the Tokyo Games, top of the medal table at the Under-20 World Championships in Nairobi), Czech Republic (more than 23,000 people mobilised to participate in 253 meetings throughout the country on 6 June 2021), Costa Rica (creation and activation of protocols for training, competitions and development, establishment of a regional competition structure at all levels throughout the country), Ecuador (hosting the South American Senior and Under 23 Championships), and Japan (hosting the Tokyo Games, two medals in Olympic athletics competitions).