— Published 29 January 2021

Shubenkov denies everything

Sergey Shubenkov, the world champion in the 110m hurdles in 2015, was quick to react to the revelation by the Russian media that he tested positive for furosemide, a diuretic considered to be a masking product. Unsurprisingly, he completely denied the suspicion of doping. In a post on his Instagram account, the Russian mentions a slander and talks about an unknown source. “All the information that I used furosemide and that it was found in the sample constitutes blatant slander, invented by an unnamed ‘source’! This has never happened! And the news feeds gleefully rushed to repost the prank, without verifying where it came from”, writes Sergey Shubenkov. Even so, the Russian athlete admits being contacted by the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), but for a product having nothing to do with furosemide. “I cannot disclose the details of this confidential letter for legal reasons”, he said. Sergey Shubenkov adds: “Throughout my career I have never used any forbidden ways to prepare myself, I have never cheated on anyone. I have expressed my feelings about doping fraudsters more than once, and it hasn’t changed … Thank you to everyone who disbelieved this “news””. His name is not on the list of suspended athletes posted on the IAU website.