— Published 14 June 2021

Seven cases a day during the Games

Tokyo 2020

That’s very strong. With less than 40 days to go until the opening ceremony (D-39 on Monday, June 14th), Tokyo Games organisers estimate that there could be an average of only seven new cases of COVID-19 per day between July 23rd and August 8th, 2021, among all those accredited for the Olympic event. The figure was presented at the end of last week, during a meeting of the panel of experts formed by Japanese authorities and the organising committee to study the measures to be established to combat the pandemic. The estimate was obtained from a test conducted last month. It is based on the presence of 77,000 people accredited to the Games, including athletes and officials. However, the figure put forward by the experts does not take into account the vaccination campaign. It could therefore be revised downwards. In the worst case scenario, one athlete and 10 other accredited persons would be hospitalised on average each day for the duration of the Games, while 57 people would be asked to isolate themselves outside a medical facility.