— Published 18 May 2021

Serial cancellations for training camps

Tokyo vaccin

The health crisis does not only affect the preparation of the Tokyo Games. It also directly affects the the event’s aura around Japan. According to the NHK, the training camps for foreign teams planned all over the country have already been cancelled in 54 municipalities. In more than 80% of the cases, the cancellation was requested by the invited delegations. The reasons given were the risks of infection in the first place, but also the delays in the qualification process for the Games. In some of the cities, the local authorities explain that they do not have the financial and human resources to implement the preventive measures requested by the government. In some cases, the training sites for foreign teams have been transformed into vaccination centers. Government guidelines require that communities which host delegations prior to the Games to conduct daily coronavirus tests for athletes and their staff. They must also provide transportation by air or high-speed rail in case they can’t use dedicated vehicles.