— Published 25 January 2022

Seine-Saint-Denis wants to keep its stand

Is the political unity around the Paris 2024 Games cracking? The president of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, the socialist Stéphane Troussel (photo above), has been angry ever since he learned in the press of the organising committee’s plan to relocate the Olympic shooting events outside his department. Denouncing a “deplorable method”, he blames the OCOG for both the form and the content. “They must work with us and not behind our backs! We are not an adjustment variable,” he told AFP on Monday 24 January. Stéphane Troussel asked the organisers to set up a meeting as soon as possible “to clear up any ambiguities”. It should be held this week. As a reminder, the shooting events of the Paris 2024 Games are scheduled to take place in La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis, on a former military site that is currently being cleaned up. But in a recent letter to the OCOG, the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture alerted Tony Estanguet and his team to the environmental risks of the project, the possible appeals and the delay that could result. There is also talk of a budget overrun. Faced with such a scenario, the OCOG has already come up with a plan B. Citing the need to “keep to the schedule”, the organising committee reportedly conducted an inspection mission to Châteauroux, at the National Shooting Sports Centre. This permanent facility, where several international competitions have been held, was put at the top of the list to replace the temporary site in La Courneuve. To the great displeasure of Stéphane Troussel. Seine-Saint-Denis, which was placed at the heart of the Paris 2024 Games during the bid phase, lost swimming, volleyball and badminton. It got back one of the four additional sports, climbing.