— Published 26 April 2021

Security is in place

The Japanese government has officially declared a state of emergency in Tokyo, for the third time since the onset of the health crisis. It went into effect on Sunday, April 25th, and is expected to last at least 17 days. But preparations for the Tokyo Games are continuing at the Olympic venues. A team of around 40 security guards, mostly staff from private companies, was deployed on Saturday (April 23rd) at the Olympic stadium, where ceremonies and athletics events will take place. The officers were tasked with directing the trucks delivering equipment and carrying out patrols in search of suspicious objects. With less than three months from the opening, this security team is the first to be deployed at an Olympic site. It will not be the last: the organising committee has planned to call on 14 000 security guards during the Games period. But this initial mechanism could be further strengthened, in particular depending on the evolution of the health situation over the coming weeks.