— Published 15 November 2021

Sapporo cuts its budget

The Japanese have understood everything. Candidates with the city of Sapporo for the Winter Games of 2030, they announce a drastic reduction of the budget forecast of the Olympic and Paralympic event. According to the agency Kyodo News, it would wait 20 %, that is to say a fall of 790 million dollars. The decision of the holders of the project of Sapporo 2030 intervenes only a few months after the Games of Tokyo 2020, whose final invoice should not be known before the first quarter of 2022, but which promises to be colossal. In its initial budget, the bid committee planned a budget between 310 and 370 billion yen (2.7 to 3.2 billion dollars). It should finally be between 280 and 300 billion, or about 2.5 billion dollars. According to sources quoted by Kyodo News, the cost reduction would concern the venues, with a massive use of temporary or already existing equipment, and the staff of the organizing committee. The new map of the sites of competition would envisage in particular to include in the device the cities of Obihiro, in the east of Sapporo, and Nagano, city host of the Winter Games of 1998.